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Help fight the illegal trade of animals parts by donating your quality photos of endangered animals to FREELAND. It is completely free, and this is your greatest chance to make a difference in the world of conservation. For more information please read on :)

Stolen from HeWhoWalksWithTigers
Hello All,

I've been talking about FREELAND quite a bit over the past year. After all, I've been happily helping them partly because of your help! However, FREELAND is currently in a predicament and could use the help of fellow wildlife photographers out there!

The Problem

The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to have a value of billions of dollars every year, making it the third most lucrative international industry behind guns and drugs. However, despite this trade wiping out wildlife all over the world, efforts of law enforcement have yet to match those of the criminals that traffic wildlife. Simply put, the illegal wildlife trade is not taken seriously. As a result, law enforcement and customs personnel often do not have the training to identify wildlife and wildlife products that they come across. This lack of knowledge prevents cases from being developed against wildlife criminals.

FREELAND is developing a mobile app for enforcement and customs personnel in Southeast Asia to help them easily identify wildlife that is being trafficked, especially those being trafficked illegally. However, given the number of species trafficked, FREELAND simply does not have the resources to pay for the rights to use professional photos of wildlife in their app.

The Solution

Here is where you come in! If you are interested in helping FREELAND tackle the illegal wildlife trade and are a wildlife photographer, you can help by donating your photos for use in this app. All photographers will be credited and FREELAND will inform you when the app is released.

How to Help

For those interested, please take a look at the list of species below. If you have high-quality images of any of these species and wish to donate your photos to the cause, you  cab send them to If you do, please list the species and your name somewhere in the photo file name; that will make things easy for organizing and crediting later on (hopefully, if we do get a lot of photos)!

Image resolution is preferred to be larger than 2048 x 1566 pixels, but smaller images are also acceptable.

Please share with friends here on DeviantArt through your journal and in the groups you belong to! It will help get the word out there!

Species List


Gaur and Banteng
Tibetan Antelope/Shatoosh
Saiga Antelope
Multi-tined Antlers
Musk Deer
All wild cat species, specifically endangered South-east Asian cats
Southeast Asian Otters (Eurasian otter, hairy-nosed otter, smooth-coated otter, oriental small clawed otter etc.)
Sun Bear
Asiatic Black Bear
Banded Palm Civet and Banded Linsang
Long-tailed Macaque


Lesser Whistling and Wandering Whistling Ducks
Adjutant Stork
White-rumped Sharna
Birds of Prey
Straw-headed Bulbul
Hill Mynah
White Cockatoo
Palm Cockatoo
Indonesian Lorikeet
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot
Chattering Lory
Black-capped Lory


Crocodile Hides
Alligator and Caiman species
Philippine and New Guinea Crocodiles
Siamese and Estuarine Crocodiles
Flase Gharial
Spiny-tailed Lizards
Day Gecko species
Tokay Gecko
Monitor Lizard Species
Oriental Rat Snake
Cobra Species
Python Species
Pig-nosed Turtle
Marine Turtle
Hawksbill Turtle
Batagur species
Asian Box Turtles
Malaysian Giant Turtle
Red-eared Slider
Tortoise species
Radiated Tortoise
Ploughshare Tortoise
Indian Star Tortoise
Burmese Star Tortoise
Leopard Tortoise
Pancake Tortoise
Asian Brown Tortoise
Impressed Tortoise
Asiatic Softshell Turtle
Chinese Softshell Turtle


Tomato Frog


Asian Arowana
Humphead Wrasse


Giant Clam species


Pitcher Plants
Orchids (particularly CITES appendix I species)
Ramin Species


FREELAND is a Thailand-based non-profit which aims to end human and wildlife trafficking. To find out more, please visit

As the co-founder of this club I would highly encourage you donate any relevant photos to FREELAND and as a reward to all those who do, I will feature you in TheBlueGuardian's journal, for all those who wish me to do so. (You don't need to be a member for the feature)

I also encourage you all to share this and spread the word!
illmatar Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Thanks again for passing this along...twice!
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